Thanks letter to all

Dear Folks,

It’s been five years since the first design of LAZYDESIGNERS was born. And I am so grateful that I had so much support from your folks all the way through. It’s been an honor for me that you choose my designs and follow my works. 

As both a keyboard enthusiast and a designer, I was designing keyboard mostly based on personal preference, such as top-mounted and minimal look. There were many limitations and imperfections in former LAZYDESIGNERS’ works. And to be honest, the upcoming designs might still have those problems. I am really not good at explaining or presenting my designs but each of my designs have many considerations and balances in them. I will try my best to adopt various structures and improve designs. Luckily, the manufacturer I work with is doing better and better. Some interesting designs and probably crazy ideas will come up next. 

For the last five years, LAZYDESIGNERS focused on selling in stock products. Apricot Round 1 is the first groupbuy in LAZYDESIGNERS’ history. And it really helped with meeting the various demands of layouts and colors. There will be more groupbuy applied in the future but meanwhile good experiences will be provided. 

Be original and be creative. LAZYDESIGNERS will keep doing so.

Again, thank you for following my works!

Best regards,


Feb 4th, 2023