Frequently Asked Questions


All the designs are available for sale on this website after spots are made. There won’t be GB of any kind.

All spots available for sale will have ‘on sale’ page on this website. After you read ‘on sale’ page on the website, email us the options required on that page. We will reply you and confirm orders with you. Due to the very limited order processing capacity, it may take some time.

We will invoice you by PayPal when packages are ready to send.

Normally we will send out package within 7 days after you paid. If we are busy, we will notified that it may take longer time when invoicing.

All packages will be shipped by SF Express. Shipment fee is fixed for some areas, they will be showed on the ‘On Sale’ pages.  For more areas, please check the shipping rate and transit time here:

Some of the products will have flaws and will be listed as b-stocks. All the b-stocks will be provided with actual pictures and sold with discounts (10%-30% off) on the website. Generally, they will be sold after all a stocks are sold out. You can check the ‘on sale’ page to see if there are b-stocks in there.

Please note that normal condition products are not all flawless. Some small flaws are inevitable, such as the scratches on the inner surface of the products, or slightly nonuniform anodizing.

Due to the limited handling ability, we couldn’t offer soldering service for customers. But if you are new to customized keyboard and really love our kits, you can ask us for help. We will try our best to help if we have time.










Using Kits

All our keyboards are based on QMK. Most of them could be found on QMK’s repository. You could use QMK toolbox to flash the keyboard. 

For more information, please read LazyWiki.


目前LAZYDESIGNERS所有键盘都基于QMK方案。大多数键盘都可以在QMK库中找到。可以使用QMK toolbox刷写键盘。



By now we haven’t had the ability to accept commission orders. We may open that option in the future. 



Please note that the English version is for International customers. The Chinese version is for customers in China. Some answers in different versions apply for the different scenarios, such as payment method and shipping time.

请注意,英文版本的回答针对国际用户。中国用户请阅读中文版。 有些回答所针对场景不同,比如付款方式和发货时间等。