Warranty of PCB

  • If the PCB has malfunctioning in 6 months after the kit is sold, a replacement PCB will be provided. This is applied only to PCBs sold directly by LAZYDESIGNERS.
  • Any malfunctioning in 3 years after the kit is sold, you can ask for a replacement PCB. Only charge is the shipping rate if shipping it alone. If you choose to ship it together with other purchase, no additional fee is charged. This is applied only to PCBs sold directly by LAZYDESIGNERS.
  • Lifetime warranty for any PCBs of LAZYDESIGNERS no matter if the PCB is in stock or not. The charge is the orignal list price of the PCB plus the shipping rate. If the kit is sold as a whole, the price will be refer to similar design’s PCB price. This is applied to all PCBs made by LAZYDESIGNERS.

Special notice about this warranty:

  • As an individual seller, the shipping rate now is a little high so it would be nice if the replacement PCB can be comnbined shipping with other purchase.
  • The coverage could change according to the change of products.
  • If the customer couldn’t provid proper info about the malfunctioning or issue, the customer service could not be provided.
  • Only hardware issues of PCB itself are covered by this warranty. Some issues caused by changeble parts like switches, LEDs or encoders are not covered by this warranty. 
  • For any info related to this warranty, please contact Jacky.

Started on 4/5, 2023