To everyone who opens this page,

I started to prepare for THE50R2 in Jan, 2019. The original plan was to make 150 kits with both left pad and right version. Sadly, both PCB manufacturer and CNC manufacturer failed to deliver final products. The new manufacturer took over 150 unfinished THE50R2 kits in Q3 2021. But due to the careless processing and storing before, most of these kits were no longer suitable for delivering. It’s a tough decision to drop off all those kits with serious flaws. And the new manufacturer and I have tried some ways to finish the surface processing of the those kits left. Until now, we have 36 kits good to deliver.


I know many folks are waiting for THE50R2 to come, and this batch obviously could not let all of them get one. So I decided to give priority of purchasing this batch of THE50R2 to those return customers who have purchased 3 and 3+ kits from me before 8/31. If there are still some left, I will open them to all return customers after 9/1. I know a lot of folks may not be happy with this but I hope you could understand, without these customers I might not be able to make keeb spots for you any longer.


I still want to make more THE50R2 to deliver later this year, and meet the demands of layouts and colors. I am thinking of reservation of spots. I will announce the details after I sort all things out.
Again, I apologize that the spots of THE50R2 didn’t turn out well and keeping everyone waiting for so long.



  • Since these 36 kits are survivors of 150 OG kits, they may still have some small flaws on them. So they are all listed as b stocks. The electroplated brass weight may have some small flaws causing by processing and storing but since it’s inside the kit, it wouldn’t be a big problem too.


  • THE50 is one of my earlier designs. The hollow sound may be noticeable due to the structure of the case. You have to deal with that when you assemble the kit if you are sensitive to the hollow sound.


  • Only one kit for one customer this batch. FCFS for all kits, no reservation is applied.                 这一批现货一人限购一套,先到先得,不适用预订。

Color and case options

  • E-White      7 Left Pad, 1 Right Pad
  • E-Pink         5 Left Pad, 1 Right Pad
  • E-Yellow      1 Left Pad HHKB, 1 Right Pad HHKB, 4 Left Pad, 1 Right Pad

The case includes aluminum top housing and bottom, and electroplated brass weight.


  • Vial supported. Please refer to support page here

Layout options

    • Left Ortho


  • Left Staggered

  • Right Staggered


PCB options

  • Right pad version has only staggered layout PCB for this batch. (Right pad ortho version will be added in the next batch.) 右手数字区版本暂时只有斜列。下一批会提供右手数字区直列。
  • HHKB version can only use staggered PCB. HHKB版本外壳只能使用斜列PCB。
  • Non-HHKB left pad version have staggered layout and ortho layout PCB options. 非HHKB左手数字区版本可以适配直列或者斜列PCB。

All PCBs are solder PCB and 1.6mm thickness, and support screw-in(PCB) stabilizers.

Plate options

  • Aluminum Plate (Anodized in Black)
  • PC Plate


  • EVA Foam between plate and PCB. (Black)
  • Screws and rubber feet.

Accessories will be included in the kit by default. EVA foam for plate comes with the plate option

Total Price

Total price is for the kit is

  • Electrophoresis version       270 USD

This first batch will all be listed as b stocks and offered with 20USD off. And one-time 20USD off discount for return customers is applied(PayPal fee issue). So the price for this batch is 230USD.

Anodized version is planned in the next batch which is priced at 260USD.

Other options

  • Extra Plate                              15 USD
  • Extra Solder PCB                     25 USD

Shipping rate to US, UK, Australia and some of EU countries is 45USD. For other countries, shipping rate will be confirmed when invoicing.

Carrier and Shipment

  • All kits sold will be shipped by SF Express. You can check the availibity of shipping and actual shipping rate here: .  The origin is China/Guangdong/Shenzhen/Nanshan.
  • The shipping rate to US, UK, Autralia and some countries in EU are within the same range, they will be charged a standard rate of 45USD for one kit.
  • If extra plates or PCB or multiple kits are included in one order, shipping rate will be confirmed indicidually when invocing.
  • For other coutries, shipping rate will be different. For example, shipping rate to most of Asian countries will be lower. You can PM Jacky to check shipping rate.


  • In order to keep the package light weight and compact, all kits will be pre-assembled and packed in one box. 
  • During the manufacuring of keyboards, some small flaws of the products are inevitable. Please reconsider of placing orders if you are very sensitive to that.