THE50R2 B stocks

This page shows the flaws of b stocks. Please refer to product page to choose options and more info for ordering.

Please be aware of following situations before you want to grab b stock:

  • All pictures are just resized but due to light condition and exposures, those flaws may not be captured properly and may look more serious than in those pictures. 
  • Althought most of flaws are circled in the pictures, other small flaws may still exist.

B stock #1 30USD off

B stock #2  30USD off

B stock #3  40USD off (Sold)

B stock #4 50USD off

B stock #5 50USD off

B stock #6 50USD off 

B stock #7 60USD off

B stock #8 30USD off(Sold)

B stock #9 50USD off (Sold)