Q&A (Pls read this if it’s the first time you want to buy our kits)

Q: How to join the GB of your kits? 


A: All the designs are available for sale on this website after spots are made. There won’t be GB of any kind.


Q: How to order spots? 


A: All spots avaible for sale will have ‘on sale’ page on this website. After you read ‘on sale’ page on the website, email us the options required on that page. We will reply you and confirm orders with you. Due to the very limited order processing capacity, it may take some time.


Q: How to pay for kits?


A: We will invoice you by PayPal when packages are ready to send. For customers in China, direct transfer by Alipay will be used.


Q: When will be the package shipped? 


A: Normally we will send out package within 5 days after you paid. If we are busy, we will notified that it may take longer time when invoicing.


Q: What is the shipping method?


A: All packages will be shipped by SF Express. Please check the shipping rate and transit time here: https://www.sf-express.com/cn/en/


Q: What is b-stock?


A: Some of the products will have flaws and will be listed as b-stocks. All the b-stocks will be provided with actual pictures and sold with discounts (10%-20% off) on the website. Normally, they will be sold after all a stocks are sold out. You can check the ‘on sale’ page to see if there are b-stocks in there.


Q: What firmware the keyboard uses?


A: All keyboads are based on QMK firmware and will have json file for kbfirmware.com on support page of the product. And some of them will have QMK configurator or VIA support under the help of Erovia (Github).

回答:所有键盘基于QMK固件,网站上产品支持页面将提供json文件。在Erovia的帮助下,部分键盘有QMK configurator或者VIA支持。