Dimple Round 2 Spots

Dimple Round 2 spots has three PCB choices:

1.  Hotswap, layout supported:

No backlight.

2. Solder Classic, layout supported:

Solder PCB, backlight supported.

3. OrthoStrange, layout supported:

Solder PCB, no backlight or RGB

Notice about the case:

All DimpleR2 tophousings have small issues on the inner corners. Refer to the pictures below. Please consider carefully before you place order.


Notice about PVD bottom:

Due to the imperfection of PVD processing, PVD bottom will be classified as normal condition and b stocks as well. Those b stock PVD bottom will have significant flaws on surface. But the flaws of the inner side of the bottom are not considered when classifying normal condition or b stocks. B stock PVD bottom is offered with discount of 20-40 USD.

Important: Normal condition case may still have some imperfections  but it passes quality check.

Here are two examples of b stock PVD case flaws. The actual b stock may have multiple flaws on one.

Color options

  • Black
  • Dark Blue
  • Gray
  • Dark Green
  • Light Green (Light Green Bottom is out)
  • Pink (Availability needs to be confirmed when ordering)

Those  color options are for aluminum top housing and bottom.

Kits include

Tophousing and bottom option

  • Aluminum tophousing + Aluminum bottom     180 USD
  • Aluminum tophousing + PVD brass bottom     290 USD   

PCB option

  • Solder PCB                                                       20 USD
  • OrthoStrange(Solder)                                       20 USD
  • Hotswap PCB                                                    30 USD

Plate option

  • Aluminum plate.                                               15 USD

Solder Black/Hotswap Black  

Ortho Black/Gray(No 3U compatibility)

  • PVD brass plate for hotswap                             26 USD   
  • FR4 half plate for Solder Classic PCB.                 5 USD
  • FR4 half plate for Ortho PCB.                              5 USD


  • EVA Foam between plate and PCB.
  • EVA Foam between PCB and bottom
  • Screws and rubber feet.

Tophousing and bottom option, PCB option and Plate option must be included in one orde

Total Price

Total price is price of options you choose and includes PayPal fee and shipment.

For example, if the combination is aluminum tophousing, solder PCB with FR4 plate, the price of the kit is 180+20+5=205 USD

Total amount: 205 USD+Shipment Fee+4.4% PayPal Fee
For aluminum version to most of areas, it will be 205+38+4.4%*(205+38)=253.7 USD

Carrier and Shipment

All kits sold will be shipped by SF Express. You can check the actual shipping rate here: http://www.sf-express.com/cn/en/dynamic_function/price/ .  The origin is China/Guangdong/Shenzhen/Nanshan

For aluminum version, a standard shipping rate of 38USD is applied to most of the areas. 

For brass version, a standard shipping rate of 54USD (The package will be rounded to 2KG) is applied to most of the areas. 


  • In order to keep the package light weight and compact, all kits will be pre-assembled and packed in one box. The plate and PCB are fixed with screws in the case.
  • All kits sold are in normal condition if not listed as b-stock. Some tiny small flaws may be inevitable, please reconsider the purchase if you are very sensitive to that.
  • All PCBs will be fully tested before shipped out.
  • The package will be sent to carrier within 7 days after paid. Tracking number will be provide after that.

To Order

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Notice: Due to limited order processing capacity, it may take some time to confirm orders.

Thanks for your patience!