Cloud Extras

A 40% keyboard with knob and lightbar, vial compatible.

Staggered Layout

Ortho Solder Layout (Ortho Hotswap for 2x2u layout)

Special Notice

  • The kit has one ec11 rotary encoder in the kit. It won’t be soldered on PCB by default. If you have trouble to solder, you can choose ‘Rotary encoder soldered for default PCB’ option. But all extra PCBs won’t have encoder soldered.  
  • In order to keep the package light weight and compact, all kits will be pre-assembled and packed in one box. 
  • During the manufacuring of keyboards, some small flaws of the products are inevitable. Please reconsider of placing orders if you are very sensitive to that.
  • The shipping address is the one on PayPal. All orders will be shipped to those addresses by default. Tracking number will be provide after the package is sent via discord message.

Kit includes

The kit includes

  • Tophousing and bottom
  • Plate
  • PVD stainless steel knob
  • EC11 Rotary Encoder with detent (15mm)
  • USB Daughterboard + backup USB Daughterboard 
  • PCB
  • Poron plate foam
  • Poron bottom foam
  • Rubber feet (The bottom has no feet position)

The plate foam is made for a basic layout. To be compatible with some layouts, you have to cut the foam yourself.

Finish options

 Only E colors are available

  • E-Pink
  • E-White (HHKB available)
  • E-Beige (HHKB available)
  • E-Black
  • E-Lavender

             PVD stainless steel knob color options

  • Silver
  • Dark Gold
  • Black

Case options

  • Regular
  • HHKB

PCB options

  • Staggered Hotswap (Split spacebar)
  • Staggered Solder (Long bar support)
  • Ortho Solder
  • Ortho Hotswap with 2x2u spacebar

1.6mm thickness white PCB, and support for screw-in(PCB) stabilizers. Hotswap PCBs use pink sockets.

Plate options

  • Aluminum Hotswap Plate (Anodized in Black)
  • Aluminum Solder Plate (Anodized in Black)
  • Aluminum Ortho Hotswap Plate (Anodized in Black)
  • PC Ortho Hotswap Plate
  • PC Solder Plate
  • PC Solder Plate for Ortho
  • PC Hotswap Plate

Total Price

Extra kit Price will be 

  • With solder PCB                     250 USD
  • With Hotswap PCB                 260 USD

Other options

  • Extra Plate                               10 USD
  • Extra Solder PCB                     20 USD
  • Extra Hotswap PCB                 30 USD 
  • Extra Knob                               20 USD

Shipping rate to US, Canada, UK, Australia and some of EU countries is 45USD. For other coutries, shipping rate will be confirmed when invoicing.

For example, total price of one solder kit to those countries will be 250+45=295 USD.

Carrier and Shipment

  • All kits sold will be shipped by SF Express. You can check the availibity of shipping and actual shipping rate here: .  The origin is China/Guangdong/Shenzhen/Nanshan.
  • The shipping rate to US, Canada, UK, Autralia and some countries in EU are within the same range, they will be charged a standard rate of 45USD for one kit. 
  • If extra items are added, they probably will raise the weight or dimension of the package. The shipping rate could change. The shipping rate will be confirmed when invocing.
  • For other coutries, shipping rate will be different. For example, shipping rate to most of Asian countries will be lower. You can DM Jacky to check shipping rate and also the availability of shipping.
  • The default shipping address is the one in PayPal. All orders will be shipped to the addresses showed in PayPal. If you want to use address other than that, please DM Jacky.