Announcement of Status of THE50 Round 2 Spots


We are sorry to announce that the spots of THE50 Round 2 are delayed again.
It’s been two years since we started the project of THE50 Round 2. A lot of things happened, and the spots have been postponed for several times. We have been waiting for the final good news to come at the end of 2020, but we were told by the manufacturer that they messed up the anodizing process of a part of the products two days ago. The manufacturer says they are still trying make the thing right. We decide to give them some more time, probably 1-2 months to redo the surface process.

In the meanwhile, a new manufacturer will help us to make THE60 round 2 and Dimple round 2 next time. The spots will happened in next several months.

We appreciate your patience and understanding!

Feb 3, 2021