THE60 PCB On Sale


I designed this THE60 PCB mainly for people using 40% layout like me, who have to switch the way of typing on non 40% keyboards.
After assembling:

The PCB is QMK supported.

The layout

I recommend to use it as plate-less.
And I also prepared plate CAD file: Plate CAD file for THE60PCB
When assembling, two switches will have to be modified in order to avoid the studs of the case.

THE60 PCB is sold for 15USD along with THE60 kit.
If sold individually, it's 25USD without shipment fee.

I love keebs!


  1. Victor

    Thats me! 40% user wanting to go 60%, and need enter for left thumb. Where can i buy the Kit? The case looks beautiful as well <3

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