Dimple On Sale (Updated Nov 12)


Email me jacky@lazydesigners.cn or join my discord server LAZYDESIGNERS
Three colors available, black and blue gray ones are out. Only pink a-stocks left. Gray/Silver/Pink b-stocks are available. 10-20USD discount will be offered according to the conditions of b-stocks.(Updated Nov 12)
From left to right: silver, pink, gray, blue gray, black. ( Blue gray and black are out)



What's in the kit:

  1. PCB
  2. Brass Plate (Sandblasted, not PVD or Electroplated)
  3. Case 
  4. Screws 
  5. Switch puller
  6. Rubber feet ( Two types of rubber feet are offered. Choose what you like)
  7. SMD RGB LEDs (backup)

Carrier and Shipment:

All kits sold will be shipped by SF Express.
The Dimple's package weighs 1KG.
To US, it's 26USD.
To other countries please check the shipment fee with Jacky.
You can check the actual shipping rate here: http://www.sf-express.com/cn/en/dynamic_function/price/
The origin is China/Guangdong/Shenzhen/Nanshan


140USD+Shipment Fee+4.4% PayPal Fee
To US, it will be 140+26+4.4%*166=173.3

Confirm Orders:

Please confirm with Jacky:
1. your address and phone number
2. color of the case


  1. In order to keep the package light weight and compact, all kits will be pre-assembled and packed in one box. The plate and PCB are fixed with screws in the case.
  2. All kits sold are in normal condition if not listed as b-stock. Some tiny small flaws may be inevitable, please reconsider the purchase if you are very sensitive to that.
  3. All PCB will be fully tested with switches before shipped out.
  4. Dimple's PCB has hot swap and RGB features. Those fearures add some more complexities to the maintenance of the PCB. Since it's a custom kit, customers should be aware of that issue and have the capacity of fixing some basic problems. If the PCB needs to be sent back to repair, the shipment fee will be charged as actual.
  5. Due to the hot swap feature, Gateron switches and Cherry switches are recommended. (Easier to put on to the plate and pull out.)
  6. The switch puller has good quality but it still may get bent. Please use it carefully.
  7. Be careful when putting on switches and pulling them out. It may damage the hot swap sockets by pushing too hard.
  8. The switches next to the interior of the case should be pulled with side up first.
  9. The package will be sent to carrier within five days after paid. Tracking number will be provide after that.

I love keebs!

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