Bolt Acrylic Kit (Solder Kit)

Notice: There are only solder version kits available now. Only with RGB LEDs version is provided.

Bolt is a 40% ergo keyboard kit.
The acrylic solder version includes:

  1. Acrylic layer case.
  2. Aluminum plate PC Plate.
  3. Stainless steel weight.
  4. Foam between plate and PCB.
  5. Black PCB, includes 9 WS2812b LEDs for underglow and 4 Reversed WS2812b for the logo.
  6. Screws and a hex wrench.


Spots price is 125USD (PCB without RGB LEDs is no longer provided). PayPal fee and shipment fee excluded.

For spots:

Total: 125USD+Shipment Fee+4.4% PayPal Fee
To most of areas, it will be 125+38+4.4%*(125+38)=170.17 163 USD 

Started on 7/24, PayPal fee is not longer applied.

Carrier and Shipment:

All kits sold will be shipped by SF Express. A standard shipping rate of 38USD is applied to US/Canada/Some of EU countries/Australia, but other countries may have higher shipping rate. The actual shipping rate will be confirmed when ordering.
You can check the availablity of shipping and actual shipping rate here:
The origin is China/Guangdong/Shenzhen/Nanshan


To order:

PM Jacky on discord. Country and zip code, phone number for shipping and PayPal email address will be needed. 



  1. The weight is laser cut, so there are some melting flaws and scratches. While cleaning the surface of laser cut plate, the protection sticker has been removed and some scratches are inevitable. 
  2. The acrylic is laser cut too, so the edge of the acrylic layers can not be perfectly smooth and may have small flaws.
  3. The light adjustment part of Bolt logo needs DIY. A simple piece of paper can do the job but you can try other materials.
  4. In order to keep the package light weight and compact, all kits will be pre-assembled and packed in one simple box. The protection stickers for acrylic layers will be kept, which you have to remove them yourself.
  5. All kits sold are in normal condition. Some small flaws may be inevitable, please reconsider the purchase if you are very sensitive to that.
  6. All PCB will be fully tested before shipped out.
  7. Tracking number will be provide after package is sent to the carrier.